Why can win many Chinese Lipton tea enterprises

Chinese tea culture has a long history, is the tea industry’s entrepreneurial potential are unpredictable, domestic enterprises have a lot of tea, but finally did not Lipton’s strong brand influence, which in the end is what reason?

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however, even if the count has been listed on the new board of tea enterprises, the number of listed tea enterprises is still no more than 10, but the scale is still limited. At present has the largest public disclosure of Tianfu holdings as an example, the fiscal year 2014, the company’s operating income was 1 billion 689 million yuan, recently, the second major domestic brands of tea enterprises have eight listed on the new board, the 2014 income of 394 million yuan. Wang Wenli estimates, brand tea enterprises in the industry accounted for no more than 10%. Industry concentration is very low.

why tea enterprises rarely listed companies? Chinese Tea Association vice chairman, Hunan Agricultural University professor Liu Zhonghua told the "First Financial Daily" reporters think, first of all is the motherboard requirements of the plate is relatively large, but the larger state-owned enterprises, capital management structure, profitability has a certain distance with the requirements of a listed company, and private enterprises often have smaller scale tea.

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