Xiamen P2P net loan companies have 23 nternet financial investment security

in the modern investment market, there are a lot of Internet financial platform, because of the higher income in the market to attract a lot of consumers. Yesterday morning, Zhang Quanjun, director of the Finance Office of the Xiamen Municipal People’s government’s network, "people talk about how to identify and prevent Internet financial investment risk", suggesting that the risk of Internet banking to the general public, especially to high income trap P2P net loan is not reliable vigilance". Xiamen P2P net loan companies have 23, Internet financial investment security?

Zhang Quanjun reminded that Internet banking is a new thing, but its financial nature has not changed. At present, P2P net loan scam frequent pattern, but investors can from high income, grandiose Title Packaging and other aspects of the identification and prevention of fraud not reliable.

Zhang Quanjun said that at present, the national support to encourage the development of Internet banking, but the Internet financial industry has also been a lot of chaos. Therefore, from the beginning of April this year, the country continued to carry out Internet financial risk rectification work, clearly stipulates the Internet financial enterprises shall not be self financing, shall set up the pool of funds, not the maturity mismatch and other 11 kinds of behavior.

according to reports, in Xiamen registered P2P net loan companies have 23. Currently, the city finance office is jointly with the relevant departments of the city’s Internet banking institutions to carry out risk investigation and special rectification of Internet financial risks.


beware of these tricks

super high yields beyond conventional high income will always be the magic weapon liar. A liar for investors to design a trap is the monthly profit of 1% to 2%, no matter how the external environment changes, can achieve 12% to 24% per annum. In fact, the current problem of exposure of the platform is usually higher than the income of ordinary banks several times. But a little investment common sense should be aware of the emergence of super high income, or the use of a high leverage, or is similar to the probability that the lottery like that.

is not some institutions make a fuss in the name of love liar, can become the first red line investor quweicunzhen. Investors should be careful not to rely on the fund management company in the name of the first, if it is raised, the Commission should have authorized business qualification, if it is private, 1 million yuan investment, net assets of 10 million yuan more than a threshold for investors. "Investment", "fund", "wealth center" on the tall name can not be trusted.

acquaintances MLM, investors should also be wary of acquaintances MLM, high rebate games and other financial fraud and second standard, hunger marketing unconventional means. Some platforms in order to attract popularity, sometimes recommend

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