Shandong sunshine self employed has also been included in the scope of business subsidies

although the country has a variety of related subsidies for business, but generally there are certain requirements, not every entrepreneur can receive subsidies related to entrepreneurship, especially around the country are not in the scope of subsidies for individual business. However, Shandong sunshine has introduced a new policy, the self-employed can also receive subsidies to you.

5 month 9 days, reporters from the Shandong province Rizhao City people club Bureau learned, Rizhao City issued a notice to increase entrepreneurship policy support, entrepreneurship subsidies to expand the scope of the object, to reduce the one-time business develop post subsidy standards, entrepreneurship training subsidies increased to 2000 yuan / person.

according to the notification requirements, employment difficult personnel engaged in self-employed, in the future is also included in the business scope of subsidies; for individual industrial and commercial households have been transformed into Small and micro businesses and the provincial pre-approval industries and enterprises independent entrepreneurs time etc were clearly defined; the relevant application form into one, reducing the number of application materials decreased; a one-time business job development subsidies conditions, will absorb the object to pay social insurance fees, payment from the full 12 months to relax for 4 months to pay subsidies; simplify the process.

to promote business incubation base (Park) identification and management. Standardize the process, the county (District) recommended, the relevant departments of the Municipal Joint accreditation identified, and a unified name for the municipal business incubator base or municipal entrepreneurship park".

further strictly identified requirements of business incubators (Park) to provide business incubator specialized venues, service agencies and professional personnel for entrepreneurs to provide policy advice, information services, project development, risk assessment, guidance, tracking business support, financing services, entrepreneurship training, seminars and other services, the implementation of or assist in the implementation of venture funding, rent relief, warm water relief, tax relief, entrepreneurship training subsidies, subsidies, entrepreneurial business loans and discount policies for entrepreneurs; at the same time to strengthen the business entity in record management, clear on the incubation base (Park) premium materials and requirements.

relax entrepreneurship training conditions, expand college graduates (including graduate school students) to participate in entrepreneurship training, the university graduated a semester before the university students in Rizhao City to strengthen employment training to improve employment and entrepreneurship five years planning; improve the entrepreneurship training subsidies standards, entrepreneurship training subsidy standard increased to 2000 yuan / person.

implementation of such a subsidy policy, will undoubtedly have a very big help for Shandong sunshine entrepreneurial career development, to help more entrepreneurs to be successful in career, have a huge role in promoting the economic development of the more sunshine.

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