The great potential of photo printing market

social development, the progress of the times, people’s rhythm of life is becoming faster and faster, which can remind people to recall attention, people living in the memories is a process of accumulation, people want to be able to cherish the fragments preserved!

facade decoration is required a lot of effort, because visitors are willing to accept new things a person, so the store design trendy chic. The leasing procedures are as follows: 1) a general choice of city commercial activity is concentrated area; 2) a wide range of advertising, using a variety of media, to allow customers to produce their own photographs of the security concept; 3) on artificial irrigation and automatic flushing knowledge brochure; 4) the best staff all women. Women are not only cautious, and insist on secrecy more consciously than men more strictly.

5) rental fees in accordance with the best time to develop a number of standards and how to develop a double standard. May not be higher than the professional washing shop, must be lower than they are, so as to attract customers; 6) the industry’s biggest taboo is to act too hastily, seeking quick results. Those who can not stand the loneliness and long-term endurance is not suitable for this industry, the industry is the best choice for people over the age of 50 retirees.


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