What are some of the support for pizza 11

pizza is now one of the young people love the food, love pizza, which is countless, pizza 11 Street pizza variety dazzling, taste is more people forget.

pizza into real China market from early 90s, pizza was China 80, 90 young people sought after and loved, eleven fan Street Catering Management Company Limited is a potential opportunity for the pizza market, solve a lot of problems, the introduction of Italy Ferris wheel, American pizza pizza, hot and cold drinks, ice cream, Italian noodles, steak, baked rice, pastries and a series of patterns of the western diet.

pizza 11 fan street is South Korea pizza as the main product features unique style of delicacy project, in addition to Korean pizza, ice cream and all kinds of tricks and special snack, almost all meet the public expectation of leisure delicacy, western style pizza break single variety, style, taste greasy old problems, 11 fan Street into a pizza Korean fashion leisure elements, makes the full of new vitality, highly respected consumers, customers continue to turn back. Personalized window shop, happy Mini shop, fashion standard stores, boutique comfort stores, luxury flagship store, pizza 11 Street free shop, easy to operate.

join support:

1, the company granted partner management rights, trademarks and trade names.

2, to ensure that franchisees within a certain area of protection, the exclusive operation and development, and constantly develop new products to meet market demand.

3, unique formula, unique flavor, let you become the market competition invincible hand".

4, the company specializes in the investigation of the facade of the franchisee to provide analysis of the facade.

5, providing shop decoration design, professional food and beverage design, decoration process guidance.

6, the company’s professional and technical personnel to join the business to provide technical guidance, professional catering manager to provide you with staff training.

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