Rose knowledge a map to understand the entrepreneurial service ecosystem

how to create a service ecosystem? First of all, you need to understand what is the entrepreneurial service ecosystem, the following chart will allow you to clearly understand the entrepreneurial service ecosystem.


at the same time, a variety of business service platform is also born. Both the government to support the business incubator, but also to the media content as a starting point, extending the service of 36 krypton, goods road, Europe, etc.. According to the product dimension (a business essential products) and industrial dimensions (non essential products) two dimensions, combing business services, and through the analysis to understand the ecological atmosphere of business services market.

from the above that, in severe vertical vertical dimension of the enterprise, based on continued to build the core products, are likely to develop ecological business services. As we all know, in the field of vertical services, once the business is bound to expand the strong, and now it seems that there is no connection between the enterprise, which will erode the other day, when there will be love to kill the scene. In the horizontal dimension, naturally have a wide flow advantage of the entrance, the natural form of entrepreneurial service ecosystem. The nature of these services platform has a platform, but also began to extend the depth of the product sector.

as shown above, the company enterprise network has step treasure, registered in the company and in the field to occupy a space for one person, as soon as possible to build their own moat. Learned from the previous data, the company received A round of treasure financing, and constantly develop new companies in the country, to build more traffic contacts. The step by step network relies on 10 years of quality of service, a large number of word-of-mouth. Two different development strategies are in the establishment of their own competitiveness.

in addition such as recruitment, pull hook network to the Internet recruitment as a starting point for the 220 million C round of financing in 2016 March, is likely to break 51, Zhaopin oligopoly, and will extend to the human resources service business. 51 social security last year, A round of $4 million financing, from the beginning to provide a large number of entrepreneurial services (company registration, accounting, banking), at this stage more focused on core products, only to do with social security related matters.


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