Shanxi University held lectures and students talk about entrepreneurship

is now full of opportunities in the entrepreneurial era, many college students are in the employment and entrepreneurship. However, in the end what kind of road should be taken, but it is difficult for college students to make up their minds. Moreover, for entrepreneurship, because not familiar with the market, no experience, college students are not very understanding. To this end, the Shanxi University held seminars to talk about entrepreneurship and college students, so that students have a better understanding of entrepreneurship.

in order to effectively enhance the students awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance students’ occupation quality, broaden employment ideas, May 18th, Shanxi University held "how to sell your wisdom — Lecture students start planning" from the marketing point of view, the students how to sell yourself to this topic, "economic" magazine planner, Tan Yong of dean of Academy of innovation business China was invited to do a wonderful speech and rational guidance for students.

Tan Yong said that when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship, the first thing to think about is the concept. Many students believe that entrepreneurship is to take the money to invest in projects, to hire staff to set up the company, so there must be a project, there is money to start a business, or must have the technology and the team to start a business. I have neither money nor technology, after graduating from college, I am looking for a job. This is actually a misunderstanding."

Tan Yong pointed out that employment is a person’s time and wisdom tied up packaged and sold to enterprises, entrepreneurship is a person’s time, wisdom, capital and its team of collective wisdom into products, packaged and sold in market, the two is to find a suitable buyer, between the no difference in essence. So, college students, whether it is employment or entrepreneurship, have a common idea, that is how to pack their own. Students should be as complete as possible to demonstrate their knowledge, ability, expertise, advantages. Only their own packaging intact, in order to be in the community and the market ‘sell’ a good price."

Tan Yong remind college students, even if the choice of employment, but also understand that the enterprise is most concerned about is not what you learn, what you will, but your creativity, what can you create for the enterprise. In other words, if you want to sell yourself a good price, not what you have, but what you can bring to others."

site, Tan Yong and his classmates shared his views on innovation and career planning of college students three. One is to learn the law, the two is to find the feeling, the three is a lenovo. Learn the rules of the development of things, and then find some sense from the law, and then create your own association. Remember, don’t let your associations be hindered by traditional industry thinking, habits and experience."

this is a series of lectures on the innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum organized by the graduate career guidance center of Shanxi University

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