How to open a shop to do more money to give you six suggestions

now more and more market demand for glasses, glasses store profit margins are relatively large, so open an optical shop is also good. How to open an optical shop to make more money? Want to make money quickly to make money, to look at Xiaobian for you to sum up the six suggestions.

1, the location of the store, the location is very important, unless you do not want to make money quickly. Recommended in Colleges and universities around the bustling section.

2, how to make more money to open an optical shop? Glasses shop decoration, not too luxurious, too good to be afraid to go oh! Decoration used to talk about color, simple and elegant, the door is not recommended to use push type, feeling a bit oh.

3, we said good lens resin lens is very good, the most commonly used, find a good supplier purchase, estimated in 15 to 80 yuan, a variety of ultra thin coating. Usually 1. 56, the purchase price in the following 30.

4, now the automation optometry equipment, some equipment refractometer is better, to a little more than 1, automatic cutting machine is more than 10 thousand points, the 8 thousand is enough, advice or use, such as drilling machine, polishing machine, test piece box 2000 yuan on the line.

5, how to make more money to open an optical shop? Open the glasses shop must be an optometrist, there are about 3 sales staff, it is recommended that 2 women and a man.

6 service, service first, in details.


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