Super girl’s most handsome documents according to the popular temperament like Li Yuchun

2016 super girl selection began to start, a lot of players to participate in the competition, including a 16 year old girl with the most handsome documents according to the popular, there are friends that she was comparable to the year’s super girl champion Li Yuchun.

"2016 Super Girls" by mango TV, Hunan TV, days of entertainment media to build three platforms together, since the new year started enrollment, various goddesses, female man and female flower were gathered in response to recent Sichuan girl Qiu Shanshan in excellent shape has been widely concerned. At the same time, the "super girl" started less than two months, there are more than 90 thousand love to sing the female voice through the live broadcast of mango and all the girls through the area registration, the dream is about to restart the 100 thousand pay.

2016 Super Girls curtain opened, and a group of neutral wind girl to sign up. Sichuan girl Qiu Shanshan, the skin is good or not, the handsome do not want.

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