Thailand helicopter landed scared chicken military compensation 280 thousand baht

According to media reports, a chicken farm in southern Thailand, there are more than 2000 chickens died suddenly, after investigation found that the Department of the military helicopter near the huge noise generated by the fear of death chicken.

1 reported on 26 southern Thailand Prefecture of Songkhla (Songkhla) 23 chickens bizarre deaths, the understanding to know the original wind vibration and noise caused by military helicopter, let a 4500 chicken farm more than half of the chickens were frightened by the sudden death, suffered heavy losses.

farm owner Charoon  Boonla-iad said; this sad, "4500 chickens died because of the helicopter 2385, but incapable of action, have never seen such a situation, and that other chickens also died because of frightened, causing greater loss."

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