How much to join the chain to get rich quick detour

learned his entrepreneurial skills, but so many novice entrepreneurs cannot clap with one hand, choose a reliable brand franchising business, so you can avoid detours, to get rich from the goal of further, greatly reduce the startup time.

Yecheng pizza into Chinese

"one chopstick is easy to break, ten chopsticks with a mission." With the franchise system, the rapid expansion of market share is small business bigger, stronger shortcut. In recent years, in Haikou by joining the form quickly became popular brand is not uncommon, but for investors, it is to find a good steward for themselves, but also can realize the win-win easy boss selection.

join case

"franchisees can buy out technology operating independently or by the head office to provide unified management of key raw materials." Xu said that the headquarters provide technical training, equipment for the franchisee and help the franchisee location now, Ms. Xu has grown to 3 stores. With the form of joining can reduce duplication of investment, the risk is relatively small for franchisees." Xu introduced, due to the reasonable arrangement of the franchise store layout according to the experience, now these stores average gross margin in 50%, 7000-8000 yuan per month coming in season.

investment tipsTo be aware of

before joining

At present, there are some



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