Liu Nan society should be applauded for female entrepreneurs

Chinese women entrepreneurs is a path full of thorns, they pay a lot, but may not be recognized. A civilized society must pay attention to women’s efforts and achievements. Recently, an entrepreneur evaluation held in Beijing, female entrepreneur Liu Nan was the title of entrepreneur of the year, her achievements have been affirmed.

12 9, the highest award in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation in China entrepreneur of the year in Beijing International Conference Center Grand Opening: Honey bud founder and CEO Liu Nan award. And delivered a keynote speech, talk about the "female entrepreneurship", "female consumption" and other exciting topics.


she created the miracle of maternal electricity supplier. She is one of Xu Xiaoping’s favorite female entrepreneurs. A short span of two years, she founded the company from a Taobao store, into the monthly sales of hundreds of millions of dollars in China’s first import and sale of maternal and child supplies platform. Currently, her company has completed D round of financing $150 million, valued at nearly $1 billion.

female consumerism rise

in Liu Nan’s view, female entrepreneurs have a lot of challenges, for example, be calm, need to pay attention to the data and analysis in the decision-making process, these qualities with girls innate qualities is the opposite. That is to say, in the process of starting a business, women should break their gender shackles. "Xu teacher voted me recommend

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