Secret brand discount store purchase channels

in the shopping time careful people will see a lot of brand discount store, the clothes and the same brand shop inside, but the price is much lower. Many people are wondering where they are from the brand discount stores? What are their purchasing channels?

discount brand in the rent is not high urban or suburban shops, shop rent about 80% cheaper than big shopping malls, business profit is much better than other shopping malls. Facilities simple, simple way to sell, no intermediate links, so that the cost of the brand discount stores less than half of the mall.

brand discount store sales of goods are famous season, off the shelf, broken code or Potter products, from the brand manufacturers, high-end stores or shopping shelves to brand discount store. It is understood that the price is generally 3-5 fold mall. The brand discount store boss took seasonal clothes from suppliers, often in the ninety percent off price.

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