Software valley will build Nanjing native nternet plus business town

optimize the entrepreneurial environment for entrepreneurs to improve the quality of entrepreneurial platform is the provincial government is actively implementing the policy work. Nanjing city software valley will create "Internet plus" business town, to provide high-quality platform for the needs of more entrepreneurs.

software Valley is located in the city of Nanjing southwest, there are more than and 760 software companies, nearly 180 thousand employees, the output value of 165 billion yuan, is the largest domestic communications software development base. In recent years, software Valley put forward Nanjing to build the first large-scale "Internet plus" innovation industry base – Chong City project.

19 PM, held at the signing of the conference center Qiaocheng Chu Chong City Park enterprises ceremony, hundreds of industry elite, business representatives, industry associations witnessed the first batch of more than and 30 enterprises settled contract. At present, the city branch has formed three major public service platform: cooperation with Tsinghua University Institute of information technology, to create a total area of 20 thousand square meters of the Nanjing mobile Internet research and innovation base, mainly to attract the development of Internet technology, information system integration, intelligent control system research and development company in.

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