The three no rules for the management of adult goods stores

operating adult supplies store, want to make a lot of money to do business, the customer is actually a very important aspect. However, many shopkeepers in the actual operation of the process because of some careless practices, resulting in the loss of customers, for the long-term management of the store is very unfavorable. In fact, the adult supplies store business also need to comply with the "three no" rule, let Xiaobian to introduce you.

is not the first appearance". For example, to see each other dressed in rags, they do not want to talk to each other. Because this industry is very special, all kinds of many customers, some customers are afraid to meet acquaintances, deliberately will "dress up", so the operator Adult supplies store if "judge" will offend customers.

second is not to offend the old customer. This line is repeat business, because there are few guests entering the store will consume a lot, only the old and the guests are familiar with, do not have so much feeling of restraint. Sometimes it will be some of their own needs or worries to the owner to talk about, then the owner of the adult supplies store as long as willing to carefully, carefully recommended products for customers, the turnover rate is high.

third is not able to give customers shopping pressure. Specifically, once the store has a customer come in, the operator only need to politely nod their heads, do not say, "what do you need?" "You have a look!"…… Not to worry about what customers recommend. Because these languages and behavior will give customers a sense of pressure to buy, many of their own customers to buy adult supplies on the psychological pressure, the operator said again, he would be scared out of adult supplies store. It is important to give the customer plenty of room.

Chinese is a traditional country, even now open a lot, but some thought is still difficult to open, so the business Adult supplies stores such a special industry shop, we must correct their attitude, can make the business of the shop is better operation. So, if you are now operating adult supplies store, the above three points you will pay attention to it?

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