How to open a restaurant business is better

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catering industry hot degree we are very clear, this industry is a very big demand in the industry, I believe we all know, now the catering industry is the most profitable industry, the market is relatively large, many entrepreneurs preferred project, are also catering industry. The so-called hunger breeds discontentment, also can see the importance of diet for everyone. But for many people, there is not enough experience, do not know how to open a restaurant. Here to introduce you, how to open a restaurant business.

China’s food and beverage industry is in a period of rapid growth and unprecedented prosperity, the most profitable industry recommended to open a farmhouse restaurant is a good choice. Tired of big city people, is longing for a meal out of rice farmers, many rice farmers not only has a tonic effect, and the most important is the taste is very delicious.

1, selection of

need to choose fresh authentic, nourishing cuisine or venison, such as wild mushroom, wild herbs, fresh flesh of a donkey and other materials, the food in nutrition and health and diet beauty in one.

2, location

address can be selected in the mountains, the sea, farm. Shade trees, faintly visible in simple huts and antique signs into low fence walls, may see the stocky stone, with a "Feng" of the granary, new look feel very cordial, you need to play the music hall for having heard it many times.

Fangqianwuhou best left a piece of vegetable, wild herbs and mushrooms, customers can direct picking vegetables in the vegetable plot, and put the full basket directly progressive open kitchen, and then easily see their tea while listening to music while personally pick dish what is processed into the dishes.

3, marketing proposal

cooperation with the mainstream media planning, the introduction of pure natural high protein diet farm series of hot news, long continuous reports, one by one to disclose the nutrition value and medicinal function of each kind of food, eat, be arranged in the pursuit of modern people, health and longevity, how many people and families can resist the temptation?

4, investment analysis

investment mainly in front of the transfer fee and renovation costs, investment is not more than 200 thousand yuan. Employees 10 people, the monthly expenditure of about $10 thousand, the operating income of more than 3000 yuan per day, monthly operating income of at least $100 thousand.

catering industry demand, but at the same time competitive pressure is also great, is a great pressure on the industry, after the introduction of the above, how to open a restaurant recommendation

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