Some of the most lucrative new investment projects in 2012

many people are looking for the best investment projects in 2012, looking for the best opportunity, today the network Xiaobian to talk about 2012 what are the best investment projects to be profitable.

has to make money? How to make money has been a hot topic of discussion, many of my friends want to start, but do not know what to do! Now have to make money? What venture good money? Today we recommend several best good opportunities to make money, come and take a look at


"location report." we should first consider the area and factory dormitory from colleges and universities, in the area of 20-40 square. Subscribe to hundreds of newspapers and magazines, which can be divided into entrepreneurial employment, literature and art, computer network, finance, news, press digest 6 "reading area", and in the "report" set up a chair, from Taiwan, lover reading boxes and other facilities, billboards, exquisite eye-catching design looking for help.

freelance writer, pen gold

to create win-win ghostwriter company.

50 thousand yuan to open a personal audio workstation

software development, knowledge capital

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