How to realize the transformation and upgrading of Sichuan forestry

in the process of economic development in order to obtain sustainable development, the need to change with the pace of the times, then, how to achieve the transformation and upgrading of Sichuan forestry? This year, our province forestry implement the new reform of the central and provincial government agencies on the supply side views of the spirit, and actively adapt to the new normal, leading the new norm, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of forestry, the specific measures taken, the following Xiaobian together and in detail to understand.

is a set of Sichuan province "," 13th Five-Year "forestry industry development plan", "13th Five-Year" moderate Yajian wood-based panels, pulp and paper production.

two is to carry out the provincial forestry industrialization leading enterprises identified and running monitoring, identified the third batch of leading enterprises in the province, the new cultivation of professional cooperation in the province of forestry model agency, 236, a total of 197.

three is to strengthen the quality and safety of forest products, forest products quality and safety system into the forestry management and science and technology service system construction funding scope.

Sichuan forestry how to achieve transformation and upgrading? Through the above introduction, I believe you have a clear understanding of the future path of forestry development, hope that the promotion of these measures can better promote the transformation and upgrading of forestry. At the same time a part of the modern forestry construction forum, guiding the first into co-ordinate the integration of agriculture related funds in 10 pilot counties (districts) in the range of key county construction and finance to co-ordinate the integration of agriculture related funds policy convergence, the organization launched a new round of modern forestry construction supervision and supervision, accelerate the construction of modern forestry county No. third, the implementation of provincial finance 83 million yuan of funds.

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