How to open the pot to join the fans can be more successful

since the choice of entrepreneurial shop, naturally in order to be able to obtain greater success. However, if some of the work is not in place, but also talk about how to get greater success? So, want to succeed in business, in fact, we need to pay attention to more aspects. So, how to open a pot of rice can be more successful?

is the first choice, there are two ways to choose rice pot shop, the first is the shopping district, the community shop is the second. Business District store investment will be slightly larger, but in terms of income and profits have a better guarantee, although less investment community shops, but it is limited to rent and decoration, in the equipment and other inputs are consistent. In addition, the opening of the store at least 30 square or more, to reserve a certain seat, more importantly, to have the characteristics of decoration.

after the renovation began, to carry out equipment order, staff recruitment, and in about 5 days before the shop equipment must arrive one week countdown when ordering the spices, so that taste unified baozaifan stores, to ensure that the interests of investors. Customize the product system and price, determine the opening date and promotion plan, at least 3 days ahead of the publicity through the leaflets.

then staff technical training. This is not the biggest problem. After the shop to do a good job based personnel development system, rely on the management of the system rather than the boss to manage. Every month, we must have a new promotion, new activities, such as holiday promotions.

time into the winter, for the fast food industry, from November to December for a period of time basically belongs to fast relatively quiet period, with the weather as bleak, business will inevitably fall, but please don’t worry, because baozaifan franchise business always have peaks and troughs appeared, who is not guaranteed there has been a sustained high state to challenge a sales record in the light period, we always hope there is promotional highlights, so all kinds of holidays will be used up.

"new year" the authentic holiday is worth looking forward to the day of many businesses, according to previous experience, the year a few days the best business basically is this several days, then baozaifan stores how to make good use of promotion opportunities in this holiday is very important.

Although the success of the

shop is the pursuit of every investor, however, want to do such a job to do in place, naturally we need to pay attention to more factors. So, if you open a pot of rice food store, with the introduction of the above small series, now you know how to do it? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

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