Xiang Xiaoyun venture capital support can not sprinkle pepper

enterprise now, business support policy although it is more and more preferential policy, but also some defects, therefore, the National People’s Congress,   deputy director of the Liaoning province Anshan City Bureau of finance Xiang Xiaoyun expressed their views.

"the government and banks, enterprises can set up the business support fund?"   Xiang Xiaoyun’s idea is subject to small and micro enterprises,   private enterprise   industry guidance fund   inspired.   "for the start-up phase of the venture, can learn from a similar model?"


Xiang Xiaoyun,     for the loan industry, not too many restrictions. "Now,   there are 25 small profits in the loan industry can enjoy discount policy. Countries can make a negative list,   which industries can not enjoy preferential policies."   Xiang Xiaoyun said,   in these 25 meager profit outside the industry in line with the provisions of the start-up enterprise,   as long as the profit space is large,   can also give support.

"credit" is preferred by Xiang Xiaoyun model,   "as simple as possible.   only the entrepreneur’s ID card,   business license,   and a good reputation, you can give a loan."

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