Wuhai open up the entrepreneurial green channel

western development strategy has been implemented for many years to improve the lives of the people of the west. In the current Internet and traffic developed era, the western region has ushered in a rapid development opportunity, opportunity management activity is docking development resources and western regions in the eastern market.

tracking support services in place. City employment service sector staff regularly on the entrepreneurial guarantee loan projects to track guidance, initiative to understand the production and operation of venture capital loans and financial situation, and the establishment of tracking service files. According to the practical difficulties and problems encountered in the process of operation of the lender, to provide enterprise management, use of funds, target positioning, market development and management guidance, and invited experts to guide the entrepreneurial guidance home lender, to provide development ideas and specific measures are advanced, forming a long-term mechanism of helping entrepreneurs dynamic management and policy support and tracking service, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship lenders.

adaptation proposed by the central government on recommendation of something

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