Ningbo Tibetan mastiff chicken was unclaimed row police station

on the twenty-eight, a Tibetan mastiff broke into a factory in Ningbo chicken was brought back to the police station, the police find the owner, but until years later, no one came to claim. If no one claims for a long time may be unclaimed unclaimed lost state.

2 6, Ningbo Yinzhou District police station should seize it, when it is under the dawn of the village in a factory to eat chicken.

back after it, the police will be locked in a cage in the police station, then go to a kennel. New year’s day, the police delicious drink on it, while in the vicinity of notices to find the owner. Can see this is going to go to the Lantern Festival, the owner did not show up, the police some anxious.

slip into the factory of Tibetan Mastiff

anesthesia needle

2 6 on the afternoon of more than 4 points, a street next to the dawn of the village of a heat treatment plant empty, a dog and two chickens walking around.

roll down the window, looking for a good location, anesthesia needle accurately hit the red Tibetan mastiff neck.

the Tibetan mastiff wearing recommended

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