Baidu tells us we should attach importance to originality

recently Baidu trends we all understand, after the Internet Baidu is more concerned about is the original, but with the optimized model has allowed us to develop a daily collection of pseudo original, ills and so on, in our future work should be how the original will be our headache, especially some enterprise station, this site will really do the original other optimization personnel or webmaster headache


but let’s think carefully about the necessary elements we need to write the original, and then I’ll show you how to pinpoint the original creation of your website,


1. writing style coquettish

said that the original, is sure to be linked with writing, so the problem is that many people say: "when the school is not willing to write, is not willing to read my mind, there is no what how to write?" of course this is most of us thought, I different people also know their literary talent is different, so we need to play our own strength! To do a simple example.

what a lovely day it is!


such a sentence, to the different people’s writing, the effect is certainly not the same.

no ink: the weather is great,


common type: today is a good weather, blue skies, the birds singing a happy song in the branches, the mood as the sun rises to become very good


Art: the sun spread on the ground, the morning birds visit timing alarm clock to wake up lazy I wake up from the dream, people feel very comfortable, the wind stroked the hanging Campanula, it sounds as if through touching music, makes the whole soul was purified

!Another type of

(two B): the dog with food to crazy barking, the cock is demanding to comfort the heart, making it all night insomnia, accompanied by a dog barking cock, awakened from a nightmare I realized that it is a new day, looked up at the sky outside the window, a the word "blue", "true blue" two words, three words "TM", really blue ashtrays filled with empty bottles and cigarette butts at the bedside, I know I should continue to fall yesterday which damn work today, the sun seems to satirize me, good day! Good mood? Nonsense!


I think you should find out which type you have in the top few categories, but whatever type you are, you can do the original. Of course, if we take the first deduction, you can do something else without ink,.

2. content refreshing

what is the content of refreshing? I remember when talking about the user experience of a lot of people are saying, how to please the user! But when we were writing, but we often ignore this point, most of the time due to the creation of an article has been very difficult, but also to.

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