Are you ready for the subsequent additions to the site content

Hello, I’m Muzi in the boat. In front of my that "have to know the website outside the chain construction ten big mistakes", personally feel that writing is still good, and finally as it was pushed to the home page, let me still happy for a while. Today I would like to share with you some of the additional experiences of website content for all of you to communicate with each other.

The subsequent additions to the

website are about updates to our website every day. Our webmaster all know, raising a station, the most important thing is "feed" spider, every day constantly updated, will let the search engine to your station favored. So, do we have a follow-up supplement to the content of the website? A diligent webmaster says, "I insist on updating every day, and I’m sure I can do it.". Indeed, subsequent additions to your web site need to be persistent, but it’s not enough to do just that. Let’s introduce

website content subsequent additions to some of the main points, after doing these, I believe that your site follow-up content can be done very well.

one, make sure two points


makes additional additions to the content of the web site, make sure the following two points are made:

1, who is the web content for?

people who don’t know how to search for SEO will find this problem strange, and they will say, "that’s what it means. It’s for people who browse the web."". But we all know webmaster friends, the content of the first to search engines to see, only the search engine to see our web page, visitors can see our web page. Because most people search for information by search engines, only search engines first read your web content and feel useful to people and recommend it to them.

Where is the key to the

2 and subsequent additions to the site?

many webmaster like to use illustrations to get the experience of the favor, to tell the truth, this is really a good way to improve the user experience. But in this case, the search engine doesn’t like it. Search engines don’t see the pictures and animations that you place. They recognize only the text on the page. Therefore, we should continue to add more content to the website, and we should pay more attention to the search engine. Of course, your station is a picture station or a lot of stations for pictures. You can use fewer words, but remember never to abandon the method of using text content descriptions.

two, do three points,

site content of the subsequent additions, in fact, there are many places to note, I ordered here I feel very important three points, hoping to attract attention and vigilance.

1, organize content according to keywords. We all know this, when writing the text of a web page, in order to reflect the company’s performance, characteristics and advantages of the product, to tell consumers to buy our product benefits or for our services, we will organize the content around key words. If >

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