Learn from Jack Ma farm girls can also play the nternet

initial attempt: 170 yuan to open Taobao shop

I was born in an ordinary rural family in Hunan County of Shaodong province. I was a native peasant girl. My family was poor, and I had no support. I wanted to change my fate. I could only rely on my own efforts. At the age of 16, I was admitted to the Hunan agriculture school, graduation and work hard to find the difficulties faced, so 98 years of practice, I decided to go to work in Guangdong. That year I was 19 years old.

in Guangdong, I worked as a line worker, marketing products and logistics information collection for transportation companies…… As long as I can live, I do all the work. I had a hard grind Xuepao hands, had all day by Steamed Buns their distress, also had a bitter tears in the middle of the night to escape the urge to go home, but I have teeth come.

in 2002, I entered Guangzhou with their own efforts, "just in time". Here, I have more time to contact the Internet, and I have more knowledge and understanding about it. At that time, a colleague in Taobao opened an online shop, sell some small products, I am also full of curiosity about this money making model, involuntarily interested.

in 2004, I returned to Shaodong. After work, I also opened a small shop on Taobao. In the local there is a small boutique chain, took some personally think creative small products first shot, placed in the shop, spent a total of 170 yuan.

made 8 yuan for the first 21 yuan deal, which made me so excited that I couldn’t sleep. Taobao shop let me find a new world, this does not have their own shop, please shop clerk, sitting in front of the computer, click the mouse will be able to make money, I am fascinated. The first month, turnover of more than 200 yuan, relying on buyers, friends pass information, I began to find better products on the network and more channels of purchase. I will lock the scope of products in the creative home appliances, more varieties, buyers choice is also large, sales have doubled. Shop from the initial monthly 200 yuan, rose to 300 yuan, 600 yuan, 1000 yuan……

has a network of business experience, I make full use of the Internet search, I need the product, and follow it to find the products manufacturer getting goods directly, eliminating the intermediate links, increase the profit. At the end of 2005, my Taobao shop moved from one-way retail to online wholesale supply. The number of customers has increased to more than 100.

the steady development of the "home world" registered customers more than 20 thousand

blog diary excerpt:

in August 12, 2006: every morning, reluctantly by the alarm clock to wake up, rubbed his eyes wash sleep sometimes go to the office. Breakfast was eaten at the computer. While eating breakfast, take the mail, and deal with the mail, then open the trade pass, QQ, MSN and other contact tools to start the day’s busy. Arrange work, answer telephone, purchase goods, check, track, upload data, >

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