To make a profitable industry the site should pinpoint the breakthrough point

industry website

with the Internet more and more in-depth impact on people’s lives and social and economic aspects, various types of websites emerge in an endless stream. The big Internet giant has eaten away the lucrative Internet model that ordinary people can think of. Therefore, a variety of small Internet Co began in the market segments or industry class sites to find their own piece of heaven and earth. When it comes to industry website, in fact has been very popular, and many areas have been very competitive, but since this field relates to the industry too much, each industry has its own unique characteristics, so the opportunity has been there. Even a small industry that some people have never heard of can create a web site with annual income of millions. Million for the Internet giant is nothing, but for small Internet Co, it has been a small number. A few days ago, Baidu CEO Robin Li speech, said the opportunity to interconnect, which includes the opportunity to mention the middle ground, in fact, the industry site is part of the middle zone. Since the new richest people in the mainland have said so, industry class web site is not difficult. Based on the current situation, this article and we talk about some of the content of the industry website, focusing on the individual for the industry Web site should be how to operate some of the views.

Is the

industry website profitable,


actually choose whether to enter a model of the Internet market, the first thing to see is that this model can not make money, can earn money, how much money can you make?. Like Alibaba such a big site success, we will not say anything. For a small Internet Co and even individual owners, and the network market is not what we should be concerned about the industry, so small or even a small industry of small industry niche sites we can do? Money? For example, take the flowers and trees, is a breakdown of the industry and the industry. Share in the Internet is getting smaller and smaller, but in fact you can search, in any provincial administrative units with the name of "flowers" or "flower" two words as search keywords, almost every province has its own garden site, its target market is for B2B e-commerce the flowers and trees, and is defined in the province within. In fact, most of these sites are operating on an independent network. Any of the sites that run well, the ads on the front page, do not make more than a million dollars a year. Think about it, like flowers such a commonplace is difficult for individuals or small Internet concern of the industry, but also a province, can produce such benefits, other industries or sectors of the industry classification website can’t do


what exactly is an industry website,


said so much, then what exactly is the industry website? Personally, the industry website can be divided into three categories. One is general industry websites, such as B2B sites like Alibaba, and the other is sub sectors, such as ">"

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