Not because of petty suffer a great deal

‘s current server market is very confusing, and small companies often use price as an attractive advantage. But the server of a small company is also the most unstable and reliable. Now let me tell you about my experience.

is about two months ago, suddenly one day my website open, began to think that the server detection did not care, but even a few days are not open, I felt scared. Began to call the operator, but even more depressed is that the phone can not be connected. Finished, will not be so unfortunate thing, I encountered it, operators closed down, the heart is still speculation, to find my friend confirmed that he knew the operator of the office building. The bad news came, deserted. How can this be done? It took only half a year. Though it wasn’t much money, it had to start over again. Sorry, I didn’t find a big server operator. These are late, take the time to find a good point, in order to save some money I don’t.

in a week, the site has finally been restored. But I in Baidu included much less, hey, I now understand what is a penny, a sub goods. Now Baidu has only 3 of me included,


so I urge you to find a server for a well-known big company. Otherwise, you might meet the same thing as me,


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