NetEase news feature is how to brush bursts of WeChat friends circle

"I am like a lonely cloud floating on the hills and valleys."."

this is the famous English pastoral poet William · Wordsworth (William Wordsworth) verse. More than 200 years later, the "lonely cloud" opened another lonely trek through the stars. NetEase news "take you to experience the true version of" interstellar "interactive topic begins, each in the audience in the play" Voyager 1 ", like a lonely cloud, from the satellite launch of the moment, slowly off, shooting star, a" earth voice "to the universe, then enter interstellar space, then fly to the space outside the solar system," star crossed "to the other side of the wormhole world…… The whole background is a vast expanse of cosmic blue, alternating variations of nebulae, celestial bodies, and cosmic material, coupled with music that passes through time and space. All you have to do is click the screen and finish the Star Trek like "Voyager one".

is the hit movie "star crossed" to see the brain hole wide open, also let a lot of people interested in exploring space. NetEase news timely introduced this simple and easy to use interactive special reports, allowing participants to experience the "journey No. 1" adventure of the universe. It is released through NetEase news client, support the sharing of multiple social platforms, and eventually exploded in WeChat circle of friends. A lot of the time people circle of friends are NetEase news timeline, "take you to experience the true version of" star crossed "forwarding scraper.

This is the reason why

maxed out, in addition to people in the "Star" through the most fiery moment in the mobile phone screen and cast a very high-level fashion, many people also lamented: "rely on the original news, so you can play."

, who produced the interactive project, is actually the two editor of the NetEase news photo group. It uses the popular HTML 5 technology, which can give web pages a better content hierarchy and structure, and is suitable for presenting many kinds of interactive and dynamic effects. Create HTML 5 pages for smartphones, sometimes rendering content rich, interactive, complex and dynamic, and imaginative than native mobile apps.

planner is the head of the picture group, Wei Wei, and then an intern named Wang Chenqi is responsible for designing and making. Wei shoudy was born on 1984, is 30 years old, but want to live as he is 20 years old, and was dressed very weird, but let you glance to know is a "Wen Qing", talkative, very fast. While the intern Wang Chenqi’s words had been much, his picture is a WeChat with a pair of black frame glasses masks with attitude "covered half of the face on the personal photos, stay a little adorable, but the ability is very strong, about the visual technology and production would close up. If you feel like Wei shoudy NetEase news version of "the beast that Wang Chenqi is the NetEase news version of" white ", a move a quiet, ride is quite.


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