Old stationmaster makes station eight years course all the way

I usually basically never write articles, this is to promote my own site now specially written an article, that is, soft Wen, of course, this is my own true heart course. It’s not adulterated at all.

I am

from 2000 to the beginning of the site, was not for fun, is to use the web site to make money, I remember the beginning with the free space is Chinese, or domain name: xxx.home.chinaren.com, I believe there must be a lot of old webmaster friends remember, at the time of the free space, the most famous is the NetEase of free space the.

The first day of 2000

website do only dozens of IP hang 8848 electronic mall then click advertisements a day a few cents, now I was really funny and very persistent, only a few cents website still has always insisted on doing, that may be true to the site of interest, then you are still school website with spare time to do, every day with their own love things inside. So, after two or three years, the idea and technology to do website slowly mature. 03 years when doing a free movie, movie is stolen, spent 70 yuan registered the first international domain name, web site does not exist now, but also the monthly mobile phone SMS became popular at the time, 03 years in the network to watch the film for free is not so easy. When the money is received on the first website since the real earn the first money is TOM alliance, TOM alliance must believe that the achievements of many NB webmaster, then SMS subscription really make money, network management is not strict, can be used to induce a porn, day to earn hundreds of thousands of people have and don’t know if it is true, I am going to envy dead, he did not dare to use porn induced, so it did not make too much money, missed one of the best in the money, now regret, at that time did not have the guts to let go do. Then began full-time website, have done a few free movie station, also have independent movie server, every day on the server to suppress the film, learned to play in the movie site watermark, ha ha.

the money I make is basically from free movie stations. Not too much, but the well-off life is no problem, but also save money, 06 years or 05 years for a large number of mobile phone users by SMS monthly mobile phone complaints, mobile began to implement the two confirmation, this money is not so easy to earn, then countries have begun to crack down on Internet, it is more difficult to do, 06 at the end of the website to sell, a network company, a small company running well, 08 years also begin to do a website, also the company running. But the website has done a few unhappy, it is difficult to do site, many friends also feel, because now the site is too much, is a personal can do a out.

remembers the popular statistics of Taiji, the free space of NetEase, the free space of myrice, the website of Angel Garden, and many old webmaster remember it today

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