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[recently] met a friend who did business, he suddenly talked about the 2010 blockbuster after 80 entrepreneurial hero – original decibel network founder Zheng Li may be out".

I dark horse looked at the news in June 2010, when Zheng Li was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment in court of first instance, Hubei District of Jingzhou, fined 500 thousand yuan. To think that he is back so soon.


decibel network founder Zheng Li

this business friend talks about Zheng’s decibel network (formerly 163888), which is very interesting.

"163888 can get up, and UC has great merit.". UC (Sina UC predecessor, sold to Sina in 2004, merged into Sina UC, and now Sina UC also has a video chat show model, operated by the 9158 generation) was established in 2002, positioned as a voice performance platform.

at that time, online music has just been popular, there are many such music websites in the country – music lovers, on the above, you can use some software to record songs, record, pass up, through the forum to discuss. UC found a lot of these websites, moved to UC, opened all rooms, and had a room on every website. They pulled the crap in the forum, and then went to the UC voice chat room with two voice roar. At that time, UC’s musical atmosphere was very strong, and many of them were original. 163888 users can get up or rely on UC?.

decibel network predecessor, called 163888, because Chongqing over there, more beautiful, Zheng Li was still relatively large. There was a group called blue websites are doing great, its owner named Reno Wang, in the online nickname Xiao Liang, great influence, he is the top five players fast men draft.

most of those music websites are created by some lovers and entertain themselves. 163888 is these sites in the early operation of the company (June 2003), just caught up with the boom of digital music boom (through SP can be crazy money). Zheng Li’s idea for 163888 is to package network musicians. He Xiang Xiang, Yang Chengang dug out, packaging "mouse love rice", a fire, and quickly got the venture capital. (in 2005, Zheng got IDG and Al Carter in turn, totaling $8 million.).

network music in 2006, the market has rapidly declined – myth shattered – the Internet is not reliable, all the record companies do not recognize this model. Zheng’s life became especially difficult.

Zheng Li is in 1982, (after two rounds of financing), he was modeled as a representative of 80 entrepreneurs. The man swelled so much that he felt he could do anything, and at last he listened

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