What women consumers are thinking about while browsing

‘s somewhat exaggerated version of women’s consumption is that 80% of the world’s consumer decisions are made by women. And these consumer decisions, a considerable part of the consumer’s casual browsing in the realization. What were they thinking about when women consumers browsed at random,


/ Yin Zhibo, Chen Na,


in 2013, Taobao users’ research team conducted a qualitative and quantitative study of online shopping demand for female consumers. The study found that female consumers online shopping, there is often a shopping idea has no clear goal in the process of their goods, browse shopping sites, originally just browsing, but always rewarding". This scenario is more than 5 in female shoppers’ shopping.

, in the absence of a clear target of the goods, women consumers are only casual stroll, really do not have any requirements,


: please tell me what else I need,


1. in what circumstances, with


research found that in the actual online shopping process, the female consumers need to match to help shopping scene is very much. The reason why they have these needs is largely related to their proficiency in Collocations: the difference in proficiency and the need for collocation information also vary. The details are shown in figure 1.

by Figure 1 can be seen, women consumers shopping with three typical scenarios:


what do you pay attention to while you’re shopping with?

female consumers in the shopping process collocation, the problem is most concerned about the "collocation for goods are suitable for their own", which indicates that the shopping process is collocation of female consumers personal preferences, many factors such as shopping specific needs, which determines the collocation of female consumers in shopping specific information content needs diversity there are differences.

as a whole, style, age, theme, color and elements are important dimensions for female consumers to find collocation, and they are effective navigation classifications. For example, some consumers need to mature, sometimes love ice, and some consumers love pink. Color is a very important latitude for consumers.

‘s concern is that even navigating in style, age, theme, color, and elements does not necessarily win the hearts of female consumers. For good matches, there are other standards and needs for female consumers:

needs a: provide collocation of people, must understand collocation, experience, given things can make people convincing.

"the person who offers the match should have some experience, the content should be recommended, the text should be described in layman’s terms, and people feel that he says" >. "

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