Teach you new sites to obtain external links five methods

everyone knows that external links are very important factors in search engine optimization, and sometimes even play a decisive role.

The inside of the

friends asked me, said the new station how to get external links? I have no new PR, no traffic. How can we get to the good friendship connection? Now I share my experiences, it is good enough for you to absorb, the words can not criticize.

one. Soft Wen promotion. (the best effect)

talks about sharing its experience in a technical way, but it’s important to note that there aren’t too many links, and the article is directly transformed into advertising. So widely reproduced chance is greatly reduced, to their own experience, and technology sharing form and discussion. Because the soft Wen can promote when most will not be sentenced as a pure advertising is editing, administrators deleted. Believe that if can obtain knowledge, valuable articles. The administrator is not deleted.

classic case: KYW (SEO half hour crash notes) this note share KYW learning experience in SEO technology, and experience summary,.

travels within the SEO kingdom for a short time,.

two. Free form (fastest spread)

sorting through some books of their own learning, or good software. Provide the download address. A friend can develop a good technical publication, provides online inquiry help, or good free resources. This method can be spread rapidly in a short period of time, can not only for the site can get a link, and your website is likely to attract him to continue to your website.

classic case: SEO data station – by finishing some good SEO books, download on the website. Get a lot of links,.

three. Connections

this may not be suitable for novice webmaster, to accumulate through a period of time before you can.

know webmaster friends in a lot of ways, and more on some SEO related BBS, QQ group, in others have difficulties, when there are problems, if you have the ability to help, help a. Instead of scuba diving, you can take part in a conversation when you meet an interesting topic.

four. Article contest

if you have a website of a certain size, you can hold a series of games, such as SEO, a keyword competition, and so on..

classic case: SEO data station, —seo books, essay contest,.

five. Bulk software (not recommended)

believes that many friends know that the group can get a lot of external connections in a period of time. Many people ask why a certain station can be ranked so high. In fact, some of the parts we see are temporary

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