The inflatable doll tube traffic incident Tucao Fun awesome website popularity

today, the news found a very interesting thing, it is said that an aunt in Zhejiang, Ningbo took out inflatable doll killer, successfully reduce drag racing phenomenon. The aunt’s home A thing has its cause., on the edge of the road, before the driver ignored in front of the eye-catching zebra, almost all is stepping on the accelerator roared, this let aunt feel really unsafe, so she had to find the inflatable doll wearing a gauze underwear tied to the tree door before the above, the inflatable doll so sexy, naked stimulation, really successful many seemingly uniform hurried driver friend to slow down.


saw the news I really feel powerless and feel funny, but looking back, the inflatable doll successfully control traffic incident is the operation of the site of children’s shoes for reference, that is more interesting is also a good way to raise the popularity of the website. What we often say in our mouth is "interest is the best teacher". It doesn’t mean that we are interested, we are willing to close our attention and participate in it.

in order to explain the more interesting people can pay more attention and change its concept, actively to participate, we will see an example! Is a staircase and slides are designed to touch the piano PK the match, we usually go to the mall to take the stairs, to take the elevator or the slide. But if the stairs for a vest, turned to the piano like, what would be the effect? In fact, since the stairs were redesigned, many people are willing to give up the slide and try the piano stairs, adding about sixty percent users.


whether journalists use inflatable doll to wake up the target problem arouse the reader’s attention, the message itself or aunt mentioned by the inflatable doll to lure drivers to slow down the stairs, or adapted for the piano like to add users, these to the webmaster friends is really awesome can inspire interesting website popularity. The website is likely to be optimized for good fun design, so it’s time we added some fun to our website, ~

creates a pleasant user experience by increasing the fun of the site and encourages sharing it with others to expand the site’s influence. Of course, we advocate to increase website interest does not mean to put all kinds of elements and site mechanically spliced into a circus like. Then, through which specific ways to increase the interest of the site? Here, mainly on my contact with some of the sites briefly sum up a few points, I hope the majority of webmaster friends help,


fun: sign actions jump out to increase the interest of a single page. It is observed that almost all of the sites are composed of many single page ~ these individual pages often lack vitality, why? For example, these sites on a single page or contact us we are almost same, too.

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