Do some experience in English language Station domain name articles

is still a hawker, I would like to introduce you to do English station method,


is now Baidu GG not included new sites, the price dropped lower and lower, now make Chinese station a bit old station is not worth the money, not good to do the new! So now many webmaster will attention to English stand by! According to English I do stand experience! English station GG is often used more than 100ip! A click on the 0.* knife knife a high price! Click high didn’t try to, because I have to do is refuse English picture station! 300ip is around $3. Now I will tell you the experience of choosing English domain names,

!When the

domain name will have a lot of friends ask! Do English.Cn with good domain name! I say the truth! No good! But can be used to do the test station! My station is to use CN to do! You know, your English station is for the whole world to see the domain name all over the world! The suffix is too much! Who cares about your suffix! CN yuan, the price is high, suitable for testing station with

!There are those who are asking the

domain name is not necessarily to go abroad to register! I want to say is that foreigners shit is not fragrant! For foreigners, we are foreigners! So the domain name can be registered in the Chinese, can also be registered abroad! If you have the technology can go abroad because of the overseas registration registration! The domain name is generally limited to less! The domestic domain more restrictions on


domain name format: here is a particularly important point, foreigners love long and smelly domain names such as crazy college girls! Do not apply the abbreviation CCG, you directly apply to crazycollegegirls! It will not only benefit the ghosts also love SEO!


is a foreigner and a little more accustomed to domain names with special symbols such as domain name ABC as they love a-b-c! This is our usual habits and their two different points! After the new discovery will continue to tell you


this is my English webmaster teahouse (for everyone to collect English station template) welcome to like English station webmaster, often to exchange English station experience!


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