Content operation from the landing of tonality and positioning to the construction of UGC ecology


Author: Huang, there are four. Three classes of promoters, 8 years of operating experience, has served several Internet Co partners and COO, designed to share their own experience and thinking about the operation through this serialization. Every Tuesday and Thursday, three grams of oil is updated with the WeChat public number.


, this is the beginning. We are going to talk about another for operation, probably is yet to type something content.

it is said to be "home base", because in the process of operation, the "content" is everywhere. The title of a small article and a Banner guide copy, to a novel, a website content classification and directory, and even a description of activities, and so on, are actually content".

so content is actually everywhere for operations. As I write this code here now a series for you, including each article after the need to hammer out of a title to stimulate you to open up more to read an article, in fact, belong to the "operational" category.

if the macro point of view, content management to do is continue to focus on the content from production to consumption and to the whole process of circulation and spreading, and through their own writing, editing, processing, dissemination channels of external organizations and so on a series of measures to better promote the occurrence of the process. Throughout the process, you need to continuously focus on and promote content related data such as content, quantity, content, amount of content, number of interactions, content, and dissemination of content…… Wait。

and split to specific and micro landing level, the content of the operation, there may be a priority and the highest weight of things, you need to be addressed first.

if it is not solved or not think clearly, you will find that, even if you do N the content, and these content are good, you can still easily get.

this thing is the content of "positioning" and "tonality."".


to do content, always need to pay attention to the length of the two lines. Short, is to make every effort to promote the content of consumption, like the brains to write a funny piece, let a person see after all could not uproarious.

and long line, is a series of long-term, continuous content as the carrier, for users to establish a sense of identity and trust.

in order to do the latter, you must define your content boundaries (such as what can be written, what cannot be written), and give your content a stylized label. This is called positioning and tonality.

it’s important: once this tonality is successfully set up, you can take a place in the minds of your users, and then greatly reduce your future

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