Hand in hand with you to do a thousand webmaster

Internet start-ups, some choose to sell products, and some choose to sell technology, and some choose to open shop, and some choose to do service. Numerous, hundreds of doors, but most still do their own website for entrepreneurship, want to share a wealth of Internet wealth.

Baidu’s rise, Taobao’s win, Tencent’s kingdom…… Too much Internet magic myth seems to be far away from us, but the success of hao123, the wealth of the Czech Republic, tells the grassroots class, seems to be very close to each webmaster. So, the Internet here together thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, fighting, looking forward to one day, your own website can suddenly be a "angel" fancy, throwing hundreds of millions come, make you happy to sleep


dreams are always beautiful, but reality is cruel. In fact, the Internet website looks do is raise a Babel of criticism of army is, go forward with great strength and vigour in fact many webmaster do not make money. Some webmaster, and even can only maintain a domain name money, server money. Wait。

said, "here, we can not help but ask, how do you want to make a website,


site to make money, we must first have a good positioning. HAO123 success, because HAO123’s position is very good, it is when the national Internet users increased, the site is very small, most people do not understand the Internet era. This time, there is such a web site, natural as Ba Jinbao, each Internet users to treasure up, in order to use the internet. Habits become natural, HAO123 (www.hao123.com) want to decline, there is no way. After the rise of such as 114 site navigation (www.114la.de), relying on the advantages of the CD ylmf users and user habits, develop potential, in the course of time, formed its own unique characteristics, success. At present, you just ask people, know 114, no, very few people do not know. Its localization lies in the technical innovation, the advanced cache technology, the user custom collection function, has obtained the Internet user’s trust.

so, a good website, positioning is very important.

after a good positioning, there must be a good artist. Today’s website is no longer a few years ago, and now China’s Web site is millions of orders, so competition is very fierce. Whether the site is good or not will often determine whether or not you can keep your users. Our webmaster friends, there is a technical background, some is left, and so on, not everyone’s art is so powerful, so, pig ah, A5 ah mission area, is your choice, there are art professional friends to provide technical support for us here. So, sometimes when the webmaster, not necessarily you will program, also don’t want you will art, just need to type, can do webmaster, can do Adsense to make money!

!After the

website has been built, what is the most important thing? It is the collection of many search engines, such as Baidu, GG, YAHOO, Bing and so on. The easiest way!

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