A failed webmaster’s bitter pleasure as a cold meat seller there is also a small website

I’m a vagrant, I have a little cold meat store sales, in fact in the morning before, my mood has been very bad, this mood has lasted for more than a year, why? I think some readers have guessed. Yes, I have a small website. I’ve spent all my time and dreams, but it hasn’t given me any surprises. But this idea will begin today. Write it down today and say a few words.

speaks of doing a website, I can say that is a tunnel outsider, I studied the graphic design specialty of the Art Institute in the University, at that time, we discuss every day, the original research, Huang Shuqiang, etc. a lot of design celebrities. Fancy yourself, draw a few strokes, you can paint a brand. But gradually we also recognize their own future direction, it seems that the impetuous youth gone with fantasy and gradually fade away, in that year, I remember very clearly, like zombies not muddle along without any aim, the designer’s fantasy, everything seems to become not meaningful. Finally one day a friend broke up with me. This has become a turning point in my past few years. I have nothing to complain about. I just realized that I should do something practical. Second days break up, we are specialized in web design, the teacher gave us appreciate many colorful gorgeous web design, and it is from this day, I love the web design, I started to do the life.

at that time, Ma Yun Zhou Hongyi became a young idol, I am no exception. So all kinds of construction on the site by the tutorial books I bought back, my English is very bad, see the tutorial, I like an English letter even do not understand the children learn Arabic as. As it turns out, apart from making a few pages, the other is a mess. Later came into contact with a variety of source code, ECSHOP UCHOME. Empire almost all these I have used. One of the successful network of Jilin university students has brought me 5000 yuan advertising fees, to say that this is my bedroom alone running a web site. Of course, in addition, several other websites have evaporated from my view.

, tell me about the only site I’d like to be happy with, Jilin University network. But the site no longer exists. This is one of my own use Dede to build a website, then why do such a website because we are in class when few people listen to the teacher, we are only interested in the mobile phone is QQ and every day by the workers to the classroom shopping advertising DM. Especially the girls, most of the four or five groups around a singled out DM to choose your own love. After class, they will go shopping together to buy what they like or like. Then the school does not allow people outside the classroom to send DM, in a class, a girl said, DM not, the Internet is also OK ah. After hearing this sentence, I had the idea of building such an advertising website in a flash. >

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