How should the stationmaster deal with 7 steps to make your web site secure

In the webmaster

training network lecture group, often hear a webmaster blocked and sigh, in this December, for the webmaster is how dark, the station closed nightmare may happen to you at any time, in this special period of time, many webmaster can’t sleep, eat not sweet, afraid of their own website suddenly open. As a matter of fact, we should always be prepared for the closure of the station. A problem will be quickly transferred and the losses will be reduced to the minimum.

crackdown has just begun, I hope the majority of webmaster fully prepared, seven measures, so that the vast number of webmaster website security worry free.

first day: webmaster good database backup, after update, will immediately backup and download to a local, the volume is not great for the entire station program, 2 to 3 days total package backup once and downloaded to the local site, large volume, 2 to 3 days of a backup picture folder, folder.

second: for copyright sites such as video, film, music, novels, beautiful pictures, sex and other sites, please prepare foreign space or space in Hongkong, this kind of website at any time may be closed, but also involve other sites, even when the data are not holding back, and now the domestic space are not accept this kind of site.

third: for the regular site, also do not happy too early, it may be other site trouble, so you quickly query with the same server site, is not the existence of illegal sites, no record of the site, and quickly transfer, from the retreat is not far away. The query method www.114best/ip enters your website and displays all the sites that you share with the server.

fourth: if you server station is video, film, music, novels and other copyright sites, should be vigilant and ready, these sites also closed objects, strict check area, is directly related to your server, accept a few days to check, then you the website also almost K.

fifth: your space city in the investigation area, we should pay special attention to, please prepare a space for the regular station is not necessarily looking for foreign space, you can find those remote areas of space, relatively loose tube network, in developed regions, such as Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, because the site is highly concentrated and users are area, across the board system, but not a server, the whole room, so you need to be careful, please prepare a spare space.

sixth: for tight capital owners, can be pre selected space, pay attention to, don’t choose network developed areas when choosing space, where the strict check, are involved. Many of them to Taobao or Baidu search to find, plus good customer service and consulting, good, the site of an accident, immediately buy, transfer space. Don’t wait for a stop, in a hurry to find space, ask questions, in the transfer of space, and then, I believe the loss is even greater.

seventh: when choosing a spare space, don’t be careless

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