How successful is the control quality assurance online design community Dribbble


[core tips] high quality invitation registration, simple interface design and recruitment incentives are the keys to Dribbble’s success, and of course we have to face the reality of the derailment of art and actual work.

this article compiles

according to the article on TNW

design has become the current popular topic, and for start-up companies, gradually become standard. Critical users are no longer satisfied with basic functions, and good design will be the cornerstone of success.

Dribbble has become the most respected online design community for designers today. In Dribbble, a variety of dramatic creative designs have been developed. Both design enthusiasts and professional designers can find inspiration from them, get advice from their peers, or see how their peers are doing.


however, setting up designers’ communication communities is not Dribbble’s original idea. As early as 2000 DeviantART has been established, designers and designers in the current popularity is also high. Behance, which encouraged professionals to upload their own works, was founded in 2006. Dribbble is an up and coming star. Now, it has produced no small influence in the design field, and has its own idea behind the silent growth.

starts with basketball,

in layman’s view, it is very difficult to associate basketball with image design. The former has become a popular sport in the world, NBA basketball dream did not know how many teenagers, outdoor plastic venues and fierce confrontation left a deep impression on people’s hearts. The latter is more like a liberal arts students, sitting quietly in a corner of the classroom quietly painting, or in high-grade office building designers weird dress in front of the iMac state of the cudgel thinking.

now, Dribbble fuses these two seemingly unrelated things together. The latest uploaded images called "shot", and collected works on their own "ball cylinder", called "debut" recently uploaded, and designers can work in the basis of oneself or others, to submit an updated version of the "design" with integral rebounds, increasing the fire works in the "playoff".


"Dribbble" is the name of "dribbling Dribble" originated in basketball terminology. It symbolizes liberating your work and releasing creativity. However, since the domain name of has been registered, the Dribble variant has to be called >

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