Emotional design how to make nternet products release positive energy

attended the activities of geek Park in Guangzhou last week with the theme "people and machines"". Although the topic of conversation is the relationship between man and machine, I have seen many cases of emotional design. Each user is full of personality, how to best meet their needs? How to make the human-computer interaction process between human and machine to form an effective communication? After all is a cold machine, the other side is full of emotional



has such a line in the movie Casablanca:

there are so many towns in the world, and there are so many pubs in every town, she walks into mine.

emotional design, the pursuit of the goal, however.

emotional design is not a design technique. I think this is a design concept that surrounds the product experience problem. In designing aesthetics, the relation between man and thing is often mentioned. The most important thing is to deal with the relationship between people and things, from the perspective of "people" to look at products.

an ordinary cup is no different from any other cup, but it brings different feelings in front of different people. Some people will praise the shape of the cup, the design is reasonable, some people will question why the cup does not handle, and perhaps some people will worry about the material because the cup is easily broken – everyone is Hamlett.

therefore, emotional purpose is when people use the product, which brings experience to become poke in your inner gentle knife, let users like Humphrey · Bogart (Humphrey Bogart) as it murmured:

Oh, my God, she walked into my pub!



stands at the human perspective,

in the Internet product design will certainly involve two words: "user value" and "user experience"". Many people say they want to create the best user experience, but it’s not easy to explain what it is. I think the user value must be explained in order to explain the user experience. A product, first of all, can be used, and then easy to use, and finally bring a sense of physical and mental pleasure. User value means satisfying the need for "use", and the user experience is determined by the latter two aspects, which give users "easy to use" and "want to use" experience.

emotional design is a way to enhance the user experience.

in the geek Park Guangzhou event, a young man named Jo demonstrated a hardware product developed by WeChat: WeChat walkie talkie.


this product positioning is when users in complex situations, you can simply use voice intercom function >

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