How to optimize the conversion rate of web pages Part Two email marketing


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email marketing

definition: send business mail or bulk mail to subscribers.

conversion index: from the point of view of email marketing, the conversion index is usually defined by the click of the target page in the mail (containing the final conversion action). Here, let’s talk about the best way to get the converted funnel as much as possible. In other words, email transformation optimization is increasing the percentage of recipients who click to jump to your website or mobile applications.

14. header line and sender address

wants to optimize the rate of mail conversion. First of all, I suggest you test these two items. In the title line, you can try to use a different title length (long or short title title), as well as "the one and only" to describe such words. In this case, the long title used by the customer contains detailed descriptions and compelling descriptors, thus increasing the rate of mail opening by 8.2%.

other optimization methods include the use of social information. Summify, for example, is known for its excellent selection of mail. They integrate the headline stories of all your social networking sites (LinkedIn + Twitter + Facebook) and send them to you as a daily select mail. In the title line, they have a list of your social contact name to improve the open rate. The title can be "the hot trends from John, Smith, Sally, Jones, and Rob Johnson" (these people may be my friends or contacts on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn). It is worth mentioning that the user recognizes this experience, because personalized information allows users to perceive the mail and their relationship:


at the same time, you should avoid sending addresses like "[email protected]". Users have become accustomed to seeing this non personal sending address as a garbage account. You should try to use a header line that contains personalized information and try again and again to achieve a higher opening rate.

15. repeatedly tests the length of mail copies

less is more. Some studies have shown that too much text results in low click rate and high jump rate, especially for business class mail. Test your mail copy length to see what is best.

16. plain text vs. HTML

many designers and >

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