Do English station begin from WordPress

today, Chinese station traffic has become more and more difficult, the price is not very satisfactory, so many webmaster friends began to consider doing English station, because English station station is much higher than the price, but Chinese, many webmaster friends in the space was the first to take into account their previously used Chinese station program, so began to change the Chinese template into English template away, unfortunately, a lot of people out some of the template is not very satisfied. Here I want to say is, in fact, we need to open the program to do English Chinese station station, first is a lot of energy because we waste themselves, and may not be able to achieve a good result, secondly, some people in the program and it is actually not suitable for Chinese do British station, because after all, many of the Chinese station optimization program is for Baidu, and some foreign website program is for Google, Yahoo and some other foreign mainstream engine optimization, so you use the Chinese station to station and change the program than others is not dominant. So here I suggest you consider some of the procedures of foreign made English station, like Joomla, Man Bo, WordPress and Drupal are some good foreign programs, and is open source, so the plugin is very rich. To do English station novice, suggested here first look at WordPress, although he is a blog, but its function is very powerful, looking for a good template can be turned into a CMS (by the way in the WordPress English webmaster forum can find a lot of beautiful WordPress business template) recommend him because he is relative to other CMS is relatively easy to use, but when you send it to you for some foreign CMS is easier to accept, this is why I suggest that you do English station reason from the beginning of WordPress, it is worth mentioning that the Google of blog is friendly, it also helps to enhance the confidence you do English station


well, today wrote this, and I hope to help you!


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