Many ideas about SNS

foreword: This article may be longer, as it involves more things, from the SNS community to the game, from 2D to 3D, from community websites to social service sites. But, in summary, it has something to do with SNS. Listen to me, ^_^

, let’s briefly introduce the concept of SNS. The following is an excerpt from Baidu Know Explained: "SNS, the full name of Social Networking Services, the social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services.

In 1967

, a professor of psychology at the Harvard University Stanley Milgram (1934 ~ 1984) was founded in six degrees of separation theory, simply said: "between you and any stranger interval not be more than six people, that is to say, by at most six people you can know any stranger." According to the theory of six degrees of separation, each individual’s social circle is constantly enlarged, and finally become a large network. This is an early understanding of social networks (Social, Networking). Later, according to this theory, some people have set up social network oriented Internet services, such as ArtComb, Friendster, Wallop, adoreme and so on, by means of "acquaintances".

but "Acquaintances" is just one way of social development, not social expansion. Therefore, now the so-called "SNS", its meaning has far more than "acquaintance acquaintance" this level. For example, according to the same topic for cohesion (such as stick it), according to learning experience for cohesion (such as Facebook), according to the weekend tour of the same place for cohesion, etc., have been included in the "SNS" category."

and one of the reasons why SNS is so hot is that the people above are familiar with it. Keep in mind the word "familiar", which is critical. With the advent of Internet 95, there is a popular saying: "you don’t know whether you’re talking to an individual or a dog on the Internet."." Indeed, you can only tell the difference between the ID and the ID, but it is impossible to judge whether the person is a dog or not. This hazy feeling, also gave a fire network relationship, especially 98 years ruffian Cai "first intimate contact" with the YY style network novel, greatly push into the hazy beauty network love. Therefore, QQ in the domestic rise, I think a large part is because the Internet 98% people want to talk about a "first intimate contact" in love, men want women is flying, and the woman was not that man is rascal CAI (personal feeling, Cai handsome). Of course, from the network chat to meet, but there is a process, this process has obviously created QQ registration volume and online rate, straight line hurricane. When QQ was launched in February 1999

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