Webmaster training lectures domain name related experience summary

foreword: This is a gathering of friends, we are not limited to talking about domain name investment.


domain name investment is a comprehensive industry with a high degree, can be said that it relates to this aspect of the world, when you really into it, you will find that it is not only an investment, it will bring you great joy, because it is very interesting. Because to understand whether a domain name investment value, you need to go to understand many things, it is a process of learning, your domain name investment vision gradually increase as you learn; and you in some ways to grasp more knowledge, has found a better domain to help you in your field in.


domain name investment for the crowd: it is suitable for almost all of the people, but I think it is more suitable for all of you, because you are the webmaster, Adsense every day to do is data analysis, you know what you need, you know what the maximum keyword traffic on the Internet, in order to rise above the common herd website. You can even predict the future. All of these help you know what the right domain name is, and it helps guide you to find a good domain name and get it.

"The best time to invest in domain names is over, and I don’t think things are as bad as you think,"

said to many friends.

So is

the truth, I am 95 years financial college graduate, the network technology is almost utterly ignorant of the first 96 years, the domain name is registered in the sirclub.com, at the time I thought that this is a good domain name, then I registered toysee.com, chinamove.com (I think that this is the other domain names like China Mobile), and resolutely ignore those figures, Pinyin Class industry domain, and finally obtained fruitful results in the 2000 Fiasco: (several domain names are No one shows any interest in). In 2000, I lost confidence in my domain name investment intelligence and had been sinking for some time. (probably in 2001, I saw toysee.com fall out. I just got a little more pay, so I took it down and made a memorial to the present).

from the above story can know, not to do early will be successful, success requires a certain environment, but more need their own level and vision.

because the domain name can not see hope, and life needs to change. So probably in 2001, I try to do some simple web pages, very coincidentally caught up with the rise of SP, and a few of my friends and Wuhan respectively make the movie station (should not film, is all some beauty or funny video), joke station, do SMS station, do kill poison station NetEase, TOM, respectively, from the color show, 21CN, rising, Kingsoft and Asian friends (my asian friends account is g321) earned some income. Website ranking is also rapidly rising, the biggest thing to do every day is to look at all kinds of background data, that cool ah.

2002, because of the net >

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