Personal webmaster sentiment we have been working hard


first saw this sentence, it was on a web site. At that time, I was a pure Internet user. I would only check information on the Internet, play games and stuff like that.

the words is the calligraphy font, made into a GIF image display on the site at the bottom of the page, a word from the picture to jump out, finally formed a complete sentence, like a long road, extending to the distant……

at that time, only remember the words that design is very clever, "to add a lot of anger, I also feel that this web site is certainly a very hardworking person, and to increase the trust for the website users.

years later, when I build an independent website, and could not help but think that says "we have been working hard!" GIF pictures, often do stand tired, the words always inspire me to unremittingly, like online there are always numerous and eyes looking at me, so I have to work harder the construction site.

yes, the site is a hard work: when people leisurely chat, entertainment, you are still in front of the computer for an article, a program of brains; late at night, the window is the rush dawn, you are still banging on the keyboard; when others in the stock market into the bucket on gold, you are alone a silent propaganda website……

now, in the tide of market economy, how many people have achieved success by unfair means, and fame and status have also come along with them. But our stationmaster, but can not tolerate the slightest false, can only be steadfast, you speculative choice, clever, unscrupulous, often will pay a heavy price. Baidu K station, League delete number, space off…… Any mistake will allow you to cast to the wind.

our webmaster, in the eyes of ordinary people is a special group, we paid our efforts, but our benefits are not upright, so we adopted a low-key. You all day in front of the computer and other people even your loved ones also think you play games in front of the computer, advise you to pay attention to the body, but also did not forget to say "don’t indulge in the fantasy world".

for these, we webmaster silently bear down, and there are many webmaster still in the effort. "We’ve been working hard," I hope. Don’t just be a decoration or slogan for our web page. We should, I believe, persist in the end. You can see, early to do the station, as long as the stick down, did not succeed in this article, the first web site  the author dusty, reproduced, please indicate copyright information.

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