Ten ways to allow nternet users to stay longer on your web site


Zhucheng forum BBSZC.CN construction also have a day, now the most headache is to keep people away quickly, every day thinking about how to keep it, after continuous consult do the following summary, there may be a lot of

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1 provides visitors with things they can’t read anywhere else, so visitors will stay on your site for a long time to read your original stuff,.

2, to remind visitors to your site they can easily print the content they need. In this way, they can print on when you browse other pages. No matter what method to use, make sure that your page print interface is friendly or you can offer the special print version.

3, spending time to fill in your online survey in the visitor, please provide some additional content for them. So they can browse, stay longer or buy something you provided. What once completed the test table and submit the answer, they will browse those additional page.

4 offers free downloadable e – books. Visitors will browse more when they are ready to download, so that they will stay longer than.

5 provides a large number of searchable online or resource directories. These directories must have what visitors want. You can use the ‘TrafficEqualizer’.

6, be sure that all your pages can be opened quickly, and of course they can be easily closed. Time is precious, and no one is willing to waste time on the download of the page,.

7, in the beginning, tell visitors what your website can offer. If visitors are very confused about the subject offered by your website, I’m sure they will leave.


8, don’t release your website easily unless you check it carefully. If visitors see a lot of spelling or grammar mistakes, believe they’ll leave.

at the first time

9 makes your web content text easier to read. Everyone doesn’t want to work hard to recognize text that is too small or too bright..

10, the use of some headlines or key symbols in some places to attract visitors attention. This will attract visitors to browse more things on your website, for a long time. The survey shows that all the people are not willing to browse the web like reading. Instead, they scanned the headlines and some key love outstanding things, and then select the desired content to read

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