Webmaster must understand the basic knowledge

what is a virtual host?

virtual host is the use of special hardware and software technology, a run on the Internet server into a virtual host, each virtual host has independent domain name, with a complete Internet server (WWW, FTP, Email etc.), completely independent of the virtual host, and can be self management by the user, in the outside world, each virtual host and a host of independent identical. I want to set up a home for small and medium-sized customers to provide high-quality network environment and server, and is responsible for monitoring by senior network management.

what is ASP?


ASP, that is, Active Server Page abbreviation. It is a web page that contains code that uses VB scripts or J scripting scripts. When the browser is browsing the ASP page, the Web server generates the corresponding HTML code from the request and then returns it to the browser, so that the browser sees a dynamically generated web page. ASP is an application developed by Microsoft Corp in place of CGI scripting, which can interact with databases and other programs. It is a simple and convenient programming tool. After you understand the basic syntax of VB scripts, you can easily write your own ASP system by simply understanding the uses, attributes, and methods of each component. The format of the ASP web page file is.ASP.

what’s FSO?


FSO (FileSystemObject) is a Microsoft ASP file operations control, the control can read the server, new, modify, delete directories, and file operations. ASP programming is a very useful control. But because the access control problem, a lot of virtual host server FSO has become an open door to this server, because customers can own the ASP page directly on the control program, so as to control the server and delete files on the server. As a result, many of the industry’s virtual hosting providers simply shut down this control, giving customers less flexibility.

I want to settle down the W2K virtual host server has the advantages of high safety, normal operation can let customers arbitrary in their website space use but there is no way to harm or interfere with other client website system.

what is CGI?


CGI is a communication mode for between Web server and external program standard, the external program can generate HTML images, or other content, treatment of HTML, image or other content and server processing way and the non external program generated is the same. Therefore, the CGI program only enables you to generate content and generate dynamic content. The reason for using CGI is that it is a well defined and widely supported standard, without CGI

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