Webmaster share three core points to get Baidu approval

with a series of scandals broke on the Internet, all kinds of crisis of confidence, a variety of unspoken rule, let the Internet operators have more practical sense to strengthen the management of the Internet, is the time, whether the upper system is still in operation, operators have made some adjustments. Take Baidu, for example, since last year, Baidu’s various modules have strengthened the intensity of the review, which is the most obvious manifestation of Baidu know.

for ordinary people, Baidu know is the most frequently used, because we are used to life, what do not understand, what doubts, want to find the answer inside Baidu. However, the audit system to strengthen the network promotion, for workers is a challenge, to raise the threshold, how to adjust strategies to make website promotion more quickly through the Baidu audit? Next, please look at my summary is as follows:

1, the selection of promotional information should pay attention to technical

as we all know, there are two common ways to use Baidu to promote websites. One is to use keywords, but the other is to use information and links. In Baidu know, a keyword, a message or other content if the submission frequency is too large, it will make the activation system set automatically entered into the phase of the audit, but the audit is not successful by nine in ten, released.

in the face of this situation, can take some skill in the choice of words, you can modify the use of synonyms, can increase the use of modifiers, or minus certain words, can also use some symbols or words, etc..

2, reasonably evade system review,

in Baidu, if you frequently use the same account or IP address, operating with a promotional content, will activate the automatic system of prevention procedures, which have restrictions on the operation, even temporarily blocked account number and IP address. Now many websites have such program settings, such as 58 city. In this case, you can easily escape system tracking, switch to IP by automatically acquiring IP addresses or using IP replacement software. Change IP at the same time, but also pay attention to the use of different accounts, you can use more than one account rotation. These are some skills, the use of time must pay attention to the degree of control.

3, seriously cultivate their own accounts,

, regardless of which site to promote, the account is an extremely important link, but also the worker’s only access permit and permissions to use the token. In Baidu know the platform, account management and audit system with high level of some are slightly loose, generally speaking, the account reached two, can a success audit through three on the promotion of content, but the new account is not easy through the review. Be kind to your account. Don’t just use them for specific promotional work, but also pay attention to some of them

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