Site novice tips talking about procedures and efficiency

here, the program you are looking for every day to find the source code, and efficiency is the use of code, after the operation of the development of

, we’re the first to find the station. CMS, what’s CMS,


follows the quote:

CMS is the abbreviation of Content Management System, which means the content management system".

CMS has many template based excellent designs that can speed up site development and reduce development costs.

The function of

CMS is not limited to text processing, but it can also process pictures, Flash animations, audio and video streams, images, and even e-mail files.

CMS is actually a very wide range of titles, from general blogging programs, news releases, to comprehensive web site management programs that can be called content management systems.


, CMS can do what? Now the main CMS have the model function, she can rely on the news, pictures, download, store, etc., may also make video, music, second-hand, talent and so on. So simple things, let’s use it, is it possible to make a stand soon,


isn’t that simple……

website framework, the formation of columns, data collection and release, need to be seriously considered, we will say this and procedures have nothing to do with it,


program is a building, just how you go and you need to change into a look, and the reprint articles is the same, you will be an article changed a few places, this reprint your article will be one click on the N, the program used is the same can not be directly used to need to change, for example. New landscaping, template, so the search spider will stand in your stay for a period of time, because this station everything is new, not the world is a piece of mining, the spider will not ignore your

so now you know the selection process is a very important step? Some time ago in the computer forum website construction layout is to ask everyone to get voting technology or materials, generally said to be local, well, I love it, but I hope this CMS you use a certain type of understand, to HTML knowledge, know how to change a problem to how to solve, do not know where you don’t change now, do you think there is no problem, then what would have happened, who do not know.

, let me compare my station to

, don’t you?

my webmaster home site, now is composed of 2 PHP free open source program, the home page is PHP168CMS program, subroutine is Discuz, forum program.

someone might ask, "why don’t you use CMS on your home page?"

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