The story of nternet entrepreneurs my successes and failures

many Internet entrepreneurs, has been successful, some people are still groping, you are a network of entrepreneurs? You are at what stage? People can easily succeed, there are people on the road to success is full of hardships. Everyone’s network start-up story has different exciting, I believe that the end of the struggle and perseverance is success.

Thursday November 25th Admin5 version of the chat activity network entrepreneur Yang Wenjian invited to share his Internet business story, have the joy of success and failure of distress. This paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

asked: when it comes to guest interviews, the first pot of gold is obtained by the space agency sales, would like to ask the guests, now have the opportunity to do the space? Do the space to pay attention to what the problem in the selection of products, in addition to what is a good way to promote


answer: as long as there is the presence of webmaster, as long as we are still doing a website, the agent space will have the opportunity, in the choice of space agents on the choice of space stability and speed of space. I was the agent of the space is my own use for a year, I feel the stability and speed are very good. So when you choose the space agent, you must first go to trial for a period of time, to ensure that space is no problem, began to sell agent. If you don’t use it yourself, sell it to the customer if you don’t know where it is. When the space out of what problems, customers must find you trouble every day,

where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, to see where the general station is active. Choose a place you are familiar with and find a way you can do it yourself. For example, if you like writing articles, then you can post articles on A5 and do some soft advertising for yourself. For example, you are familiar with the discuz forum, and you can be active in the Discuz forum. In the forum to solve some of the forum installation and maintenance issues, enhance their visibility. Before selling products, first sell yourself, find a platform to leverage development is good. To have funds, you can consider buying online advertising in some adsense.

: I’d like to ask you, what do you think about the development of SEO industry in the next three years, and what new business opportunities will there be?

answer: SEO is just a tool, a tool for network promotion. Make good use of SEO this tool to promote some of the products you can find around, it is a good way out. I didn’t think about it for SEO three years later. What I was thinking about was if I could make money and support myself today. If you have the first one today, you can live the first tomorrow. Business opportunities are generated by the needs of users. They can stand in the consumer’s point of view and look at their needs. Products and services in that area can develop very good business opportunities.

, for example, I recently found someone selling "birthday" on Taobao, selling more than ten thousand copies in 30 days, 30 yuan for each birthday, and the daily newspaper costing less than 1 yuan. And that’s our old train ticket on Taobao too!

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